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How To Survive Your New Custom Home Build... Comes Down to One Important Thing.

January 28, 2023

Building a new custom home is not for everyone, but it’s the only prudent way to build exactly what you want and where you want it.

After all you could buy a new production home from builders who sell homes with lots (often within a subdivision), of course that’s if your like their models, if the location is to your liking, and if any lots are available. Alternatively, you may find a builder who sells spec homes (with a lot) but your choices to customize may be limited.

So, assuming you’ve decided to GO CUSTOM, please read on...

Of course, you’ll need a lot (owned or to be purchased) that’s suitable for your Build, meets zoning requirements, etc. and is where you want to be.

Next, you’ll need to decide how to go about your custom Build. So, you’ll need to hire a pro or pros, as the building “process” is the key to a successful Build. There are two commonly used approaches:

Hire a team of design consultants (architect, engineers, interiors firm, etc.) who can provide you with design and engineering services (construction plans, etc.), so you can then hire a general contractor or builder.

While this is certainly a very common practice, it does require you to manage a lot of people! So, you’ll need to be “hands-on”.

However, this approach can be agonizing if your design team and your general contractor or builder don’t match up (in other words…budgets, personalities, and or skill sets don’t align). And you’ll likely be exposed to settling disagreements between all the people and personalities involved.

Hire a builder who provides Design-Build services. With this approach, your builder handles everything involving the Build including design, approvals, permitting, and construction from start to finish.

There’s another key factor related to your decisions above...that’s very significant.


Well, quite simply it boils down to a matter of what can and cannot be controlled and the forces working against you, like: the weather, approvals and inspections, availability of labor, quality control, unforeseen conditions (and added costs), and a cohesive team, just to name a few.

Also, there’s a dizzying amount of materials, products, and components that go into a new custom home (literally thousands of items). Currently the order-delivery process (and supply chain) is severely strained unlike any other time in my 40+ year career.

So, your Build team must have an effective process to manage all the above challenges and more, while expertly guiding you through the process. And getting all your specs, finishes, and products ordered the way you want it, and in time for the Build.

So, to survive your new custom home build...comes down to one important thing. Trust!

You must be able to trust in the pro(s) you hire and trust yourself to being realistic with your expectations and how you best manage it all.

Written by: John A. Costanza, G.M.

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